How does it work?

First of all you need to know that Spinblack Slot Machine have a database of 1.000.000 possible results, that means that every time you spin, randomly we choose one of the results in this table and display it for you.

* This database will not change so each position of the table will have always the same result.

To prove that neither you nor us can possibly know what position of the table will be choose to get a result, we use two different numbers, one generated from our server and the other generated by your browser (Can be edited manually if you want), the sum of this two numbers is used to get a result from the results table.

Details of the process

Before each spin our server generates a random number between 1 and 1.000.000 (SERVER #), this number is encrypted using a secret key (SECRET) and then is displayed to you (Find it at the top of your slot machine). At the same time your browser generates another random number between 1 and 1.000.000 (PLAYER #) (this number can be edited by you, is located at the top of your slot machine). At the moment you make your spin, your browser will send the PLAYER # to our server, and then it will add the SERVER # to it, the final number will be used to get a result from the results table. Finally we will display the spin result including the SECRET KEY used to encrypt the SERVER #, the SERVER # decrypted, the PLAYER # provided by you and the FINAL POSITION used to get the result, with this information you can verify that the SERVER # wasn't changed and that your spin result was completely random.

How the SERVER # is encrypted?

The SERVER # is encrypted with the SECRET KEY using the MD5 algorithm, the encryption is made in the following way: MD5(SECRET+SERVER#)


- Before the spin you see at the NEXT RESULT area that SERVER # is 2e9bc951bb92fa8d6106a9f8be824c70 and you insert 123456 as the PLAYER #.

- After the spin you get as a result: SECRET: 6PJyk*agKbHtSm4kw, SERVER #: 512087, PLAYER #: 123456, FINAL POSITION: 635543

- To verify that the SERVER # wasnt changed after the spin, you use any MD5 encoder and insert: 6PJyk*agKbHtSm4kw512087 (SECRET+SERVER#), the encoded result is 2e9bc951bb92fa8d6106a9f8be824c70 that is equal to the original encrypted SERVER # you saw before the spin.

Finally you sum the SERVER # and the PLAYER #, 512087 + 123456 = 635543, and check the results table to confirm that the result at position 635543 is the same as the one you got on your Slot Machine.

What happen if I insert and Invalid PLAYER #

PLAYER # should be a integer number between 0 and 1.000.000

If by mistake or intentionally you insert a non numeric entry at the PLAYER # field, our server will use 0 as your PLAYER #

If you insert a number with decimals at the PLAYER # filed, the server will round the number.

If your PLAYER # is lower than 0, the server will use 0, and if your PLAYER # is higher than 1.000.000 the server will use 1.000.000

What happen if the sum of SERVER # and PLAYER # is higher than 1.000.000?

If the sum of SERVER # and PLAYER # is higher than 1.000.000, the server will substract 1.000.000 from it to get a number between 1 to 1.000.000, for example, if the SERVER # is 980.563 and the PLAYER # is 250.369, the sum is 1.230.932, the server will substract 1.000.000 and use 230.932 as the FINAL POSITION


The RESULTS TABLE is not meant to change, you can store a local copy of the Results Table or the Jackpots Positions to constantly verify that it haven't change.

However, it could be possible that we have to make some adjustments on the RESULTS TABLE, in this case, we will publish the new table 2 days before we start using it so you can be informed on the change.

If you have any problem, comments or suggestions, please contact us at info@spinblack.com